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Mail Express Broad Gauge Trains Schedule In Bangladesh

Train is a popular traveling option in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has many Mail Express Broad Gauge Train. These mail trains cover Joydevpur, Rahanpur, Parbatipur, Goalondaghat, Chapai Nawabganj, Khulna, Chilahati, Rajshahi, Benapol, Ishurdi. Here is the Mail Express Broad Gauge Trains Schedule in Bangladesh:

Bangladeshi Railways now has an online ticketing service. For buying ticket see This site only works with Bangladeshi bank cards and tickets are only sent to Bangladeshi mobile phones. So it is not good for foreign visitors. High-quality intercity trains are very popular. Many people wants to know mail train name, start station name, stop station name, and arrival time.

Mail Express Broad Gauge Trains Schedule List

Train NameTrain NumberFromTimeToArrival Time
Rajshahi express5Joydevpur13:55Chapainawabganj1:00
Rajshahi express6Chapainawabganj8:10Sirajgonj Bazar17:30
Mahananda Express15Khulna12:40Chapainawabganj1:00
Mahananda Express16Rahanpur5:45Khulna18:30
Rocket express23Khulna9:30Parbatipur22:10
Rocket express24Parbatipur10:00Khulna0:15
Nakshikantha express 25khulna2:00Goalondaghat11:00
Nakshikantha express 26Goalondaghat13:00Khulna22:15
Chilahati express27Parbatipur4:30Chilahati6:30
Chilahati express 28Chilahati7:10Parbatipur9:30
Uttara express 31Rajshahi12:10Parbatipur19:15
Uttara express32Parbatipur3:25Rajshahi10:25
Benapol commuter 53Khulna7:10Benapol9:50
Benapol commuter 54Benapol12:45Khulna15:40
Rajshahi commuter57Ishurdi7:00Chapainawabganj11:20
Rajshahi commuter58Chapainawabganj13:40Ishurdi19:00

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