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Soudia Bus Counter Address And Contact Number

Soudia Paribahan Bus is one of the most popular bus services in the country. Across the country, Saudia Paribahan Bus has long been providing reliable communication services. You can travel to this bus service very well most of the time you must travel by bus. If you want to book a ticket and get other information including a counter contact number, then this post is for you. Soudia Bus Counter Address And Contact Number are given below:

Soudia Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Number Dhaka

SLDistrictCounter AddressMobile Number
1DhakaPanthapath Bus Counter01919-654926
2DhakaArambagh Bus Counter01919-654932
3DhakaKalyanpur Bus Counter01919-654928
4NarayanganjNarayanganj Bus Counter01672-365072
5DhakaAbdullahpur Bus Counter01919-654854
6DhakaGabtali Bus Counter01919-654863
7DhakaKalabagan Bus Counter01919-654861
8DhakaFakirapul Bus Counter01919-654858
9DhakaKamalapur Bus Counter01919-654859
10DhakaSyedabad Bus Counter01919-654856
11DhakaEden Bus Counter01919-654935
12DhakaRajarbagh Bus Counter01919-654930
13DhakaKalabagan Bus Counter01919-654926

Saudia Paribahan Bus Counter Sylhet Mobile Number

SLDistrictCounter AddressMobile Number
1SylhetKatuoli Bus Counter01922-595982
2SylhetSobohani Gate Bus Counter01919-654942
3SylhetJamuna Market Bus Counter01919-654990
4SylhetSylhet Terminal Bus Counter01919-654891

Soudia Bus Counter Khulna Mobile Number

SLDistrictCounter AddressMobile Number
1KhulnaRoyal More Bus Counter01919-654883
2KhulnaSonadanga Bus Counter01919-654881
3BenapoleBGB camp Bus Counter01919-654946
4JhenaidahJhenaidah Bus Counter01937-468291
5JessoreManihar Bus Counter01919-654879
6JessoreNew Market Bus Counter01919-654893
7JessoreGari khana Bus Counter01919-654992
8MaguraMagura Bus Counter01919-516483
9SatkhiraSatkhira Bus Counter01919-654887

Soudia Bus Counter Barisal Mobile Number

SLDistrictCounter AddressMobile Number
1BargunaBarguna Bus Counter01919-654775
2PatuakhaliPatuakhali Bus Counter01919-654874
3BarisalKhepupara Bus Counter01919-654876
4AmtaliAmtali Bus Counter01919-654776
5BarisalBarisal Bus Counter01919-654873
6BundariaBundaria Bus Counter01919-654778
7PirojpurPirojpur Bus Counter01919-654755

Soudia Paribahan Bus Counter Mymensingh Mobile Number

SLDistrictCounter AddressMobile Number
1MymensinghMymensingh Bus Counter01919-654898
2Mymensinghmukta ghaca Bus Counter01737-148821

Soudia Bus Counter Mobile Number Chittagong

SLDistrictCounter AddressMobile Number
1ChittagongApara Bus Counter01919-654902
2ChittagongStation Road Bus Counter01919-654725
3ChittagongCornel Hat Bus Counter01919-654906
4ChittagongBRTC Bus Counter01919-654824
5ChittagongAlongkar Bus Counter01919-654825
6ChittagongCinema Palace Bus Counter01919-654823
7ChittagongNasirabad Bus Counter01919-654897
8ChittagongNevi Gate Bus Counter 01919-654743
9ChittagongBahaddarhat moor Bus Counter01919-654742
10ChittagongBhatiyari Bus Counter01919-654828
11ChittagongLal Dighi Bus Counter01919-654832
12ChittagongBayejit counter Bus Counter01919-654834
13ChittagongJhautola Bus Counter01919-654917
14ChittagongLal dighi Bus Counter01919-654812
15ChittagongKolatoli Bus Counter01919-654918
16ChittagongKolatoli Bus Counter01919-654813
17ChittagongLong Beach Bus Counter01919-654913
18ChittagongLink Road Bus Counter01919-654815
19ChittagongRamu Bus Counter01919-654831
20Chittagongchakaria Bus Counter01919-654893
21ChittagongEid Gah Bus Counter01919-654816
22ChittagongKolatoli Bus Counter01919-654890
23ChittagongTerminal Bus Counter01919-654814
24Cox’s Bazar Old S. Alam Bus Counter01985-650479
25KhagrachariKhagrachari Bus Counter01919-654882
26Cox’s BazarChakaria 1 Bus Counter01919-654892
27Cox’s BazarChakaria 2 Bus Counter01919-654853
28ChandpurChandpur terminal 01919-654872
29ChandpurLaunchghat Bus Counter01718-779832
30ComillaPadua Bazar Bus Counter01919-654851
31ComillaJungle Terminal Bus Counter01919-654852
32FeniFeni Bus Counter01919-654731
33Chottogram Patiya Bus Counter01919-654896
34Cox’s BazarKernihat Bus Counter01919-654839
35Cox’s BazarLohagara Bus Counter01919-654875
36Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Bus Counter01919-654818
37BandarbanBandarban Bus Counter01919-654833

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