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Ekota Express Train Ticket Price and Schedule

Ekota express train is a popular train service provider in Bangladesh. The train is the most used transport authority. Many people search for Ekota express train counter address, mobile number, and ticket price. For helping you, we provide Ekota express train ticket price and train schedule in this post.

Ekota Express Ticket Price List

Station  NameAC SitFirst Class SitChair SitGeneral Sit
Dinajpur Station1285 TK855 TK460 TK360 TK
Phulbari Station1175 TK785 TK395 TK330 TK
Birampur Station1150 TK765 TK385 TK320 TK
Panchbibi Station1095 TK730 TK365 TK305 TK
Joypurhat Station1070 TK715 TK360 TK300 TK
Akkelpur Station1035 TK690 TK345 TK290 TK
Santahar Station990 TK660 TK330 TK275 TK
Bangabandhu Setu Station375 TK250 TK125 TK105 TK
Tangail Station315 TK210 TK105 TK90 TK

Dhaka to Panchagarh and Panchagarh to Dhaka Train schedule

Train NoTrain routeStarting TimeArrival Time
705Dhaka to Panchagarh10.42 am09.00 pm
706Panchagarh to Dhaka12:30 PM9:55 PM
705Dhaka to Panchbibi10:10 AM5:06 PM
706Panchagar to Panchbibi9:10 PM1:09 AM
705Birampur to Panchagar5:36 PM9:00 PM
706Japypurhat to Dhaka1:21 PM8:10

Ekota Express Panchagar to Dhaka Train schedule

Station NameArrival TimeBreak SessionDeparture Time
Panchagar StationStartStart21.10 pm
Kismot21.25 pm02 min21.27 pm
Ruhiya21.34 pm02 min21.36 pm
Thakurgaon21.51 pm02 min21.54 pm
Pirgonj22.16 pm02 min22.18 pm
Setabganj           22.32 pm02 min22.34 Pm
Dinajpur23.04 pm08 min23.12 pm
Chirirbandar23.29 pm03 min23.31 pm
Parbatipur23.50 pm20 min00.10 am
Fulbari00.28 am03 min00.31 am
Birampur00.42 am03 min00.45 am
Panchbibi01.06 am02 min01.08 am
Joypurhat01.18 am03 min01.21 am
Akkelpur01.35 am10 min01.45 am
Shantahar02.10 am05 min02.15 am
Natore03.12 am03 min03.15 am
Banga Bondhu Bridge05.24 am02 min05.26 am
Tangail05.46 am02 min05.48 am
Jaidavpur06.50 am05 min07.00 am
Biman Bandar07.25 am03 min07.28 am
Dhaka08.10 amEndEnd

Dhaka to Panchagarh Train schedule

StationArrival TimeBreak TimeDeparture Time
Dhaka Start Start10.10 am
Biman Bandar10.37 am05 min10.42 am
Jaidevpur11.05 am05 min11.10 am
Tangail12.05 pm02 min12.07 pm
Banga Bondhu Bridge12.27 pm10 min12.37 pm
Shaheed Monsur Ali13.04 pm03 min13.07 pm
Ishwardi14.20 pm03 min14.23 pm
Natore15.10 pm03 min15.13 pm
Shantahar16.00 pm05 min16.05 pm
Akkelpur16.25 pm02 min16.27 pm
Joypurhat16.53 pm03 min16.56 pm
Panchbibi17.09 pm10 min17.19 pm
Birampur17.36 pm03 min17.39 pm
Fulbari17.50 pm03 min17.53 pm
Parbatipur18.15 pm10 min18.25 pm
Chirirbandar18.40 pm02 min18.42 pm
Dinajpur19.00 pm05 min19.05 pm
Setabganj           19.35 pm02 min19.37 pm
Thakurgaon19.51 pm02 min19.53 pm
Ruhiya20.15 pm03 min20.18 pm
Kismot20.33 pm02 min20.35 pm
Panchagar Station21.00 pmEndEnd

All the counter numbers and addresses of the Ekota express train are given in the table above. We will update the above information regularly. For details information, please stay with the website.

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