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Ena Paribahan Contact Number Online Ticket Booking

Today we introduce you to Ena Paribahan Ltd—all District Counter Mobile numbers and Addresses. Ena Paribahan Bus has two types of facilities AC bus service and non-AC bus service. If you want a comfortable journey, you can choose Ena Transport Private Ltd. Below we will describe the Ena Paribahan Contact Number For Online Ticket Booking And All Counter Locations. So for detailed info, you have to read all posts carefully.

Dhaka Head Office of Ena Paribahan bus is located in the Mirpur area. The address and contact number of the head office are below:
House No: 23, Road No: 8, Block No: A, Mirpur 12, Dhaka
Contact No: 01924-764571, 01716-131481

Visit the website for ticket booking: enatransport.com.bd

Ena Paribahan Contact Number And Counter Location

SLDistrictCounter NameContact Info
1DhakaMohakhali Bus Terminal Counter, DhakaPhone: 01760-737650,
2DhakaAirport Counter, DhakaPhone: 01760-737652,
3DhakaUttara BGB Market Counter, DhakaPhone: 01760-737651,
4DhakaTongi Station Road Counter, DhakaPhone: 01760-737653.
5DhakaFakirapul bus stand Counter, DhakaPhone: 01869-802736,
6DhakaMirpur Counter Dhaka 11/5 City ClubPhone: 01869-802731, 
7DhakaAbdullahpur BusStandard Counter, DhakaPhone: 01869-802729,
8DhakaManik Nagar Bissho Road CounterPhone: 01869-802737,
9DhakaFakirapul Counter, DhakaPhone: 01869-802736.
10DhakaModhy Badda CounterPhone: 01869-802735,
11DhakaKuril Bissho Road CounterPhone: 01869-802733.
12DhakaMirpur 10 CounterPhone: 01878-059201.
13DhakaKacukhet CounterPhone: 01869-802732.
14DhakaChittagong Road CounterPhone: 01869-802739,
15DhakaSayedabad Highway CounterPhone: 01869-802738,
16DhakaTT Para CounterPhone: 01872-604492,
17DhakaShonir Akhra CounterPhone: 01872-604479.
18DhakaMirpur-11 CounterPhone: 01869-802731.
19DhakaCiora CounterPhone: 01872-604489.
20DhakaBonoshree CounterPhone: 01872-605910.
21DhakaKacpur CounterPhone: 01872-695909.

There are given all over the country counter names, Addresses, Mobile numbers, and other details info. If you want to book a ticket you can call all of these mobile numbers and get a ticket very easily and go to your destination where you want to go. To know others’ information do comment in our comment box.

Counter Address And Ena Paribahan Contact Number

SLDistrictCounter NameContact Info
1SylhetSylhet bus terminals Counter, SylhetPhone: 01760-079986,
2SylhetMazar Gate Counter, SylhetPhone: 01611-950750.
Ena bus ticket
Sobhani Ghat CounterPhone: 01680-292430.
4SylhetGoala Bazar CounterPhone: 01715-465433.
5 ChattogramOlangkar Moore Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01869-802742.
6ChattogramAK Khan Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01711-346177
7ChattogramDampara Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01878-059209.
8ChattogramBhatiyari CounterPhone: 01869-802745
9ChattogramSitakunda CounterPhone: 01869-802746
10ChattogramMirsarai Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01869-802747
11ChattogramBarrier hat Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01872-625745.
12ChattogramFree port Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01869-802749
13ChattogramNeve Gate Counter, ChattogramPhone: 01869-802743.
14ChattogramBTRC CounterPhone: 01869-802744.
15NarsingdiNarsingdi Bhela Nagar CounterPhone: 01916-278526
16HabiganjHabiganj municipal bus terminal CounterPhone: 01722-706075.
17HabiganjShayestaganj bus stand Counter, HabiganjPhone: 01855-919482.
18GazipurGazipur Shiv Bari CounterPhone: 01941-714714
19GazipurGazipur cou rasta CounterPhone: 01869-802834.
20SunamganjSunamganj Bus Stand CounterPhone: 01776-191418.
21SunamganjChhatak Bus Stand CounterPhone: 01722-230348.

Ena Transport Contact Number And Address

SLDistrictCounter NameContact Info
1MoulvibazarMoulvibazar bus stand CounterPhone: 01768-321464.
2MoulvibazarBarolekha Bus Stand CounterPhone: 01815-257132.
3MoulvibazarSrimangal Bus Stand CounterPhone: 01756-915198.
4MoulvibazarKulaura bus stand CounterPhone: 01837-083500.
5Sunamganjjuri bus stand Counter, SunamganjPhone: 01730-858848.
6SunamganjJawa Bazar Counter, SunamganjPhone: 01776-191412.
7SunamganjGouvindaganj CounterPhone: 01776-191434.
8Coxs BazarJhautala Counter, coxsbazarPhone: 01878-059202
9Coxs BazarLong Beach Counter, Coxs BazarPhone: 01878-059203.
10Coxs BazarSea Alif hotel CounterPhone: 01621-499522.
11Coxs BazarOcean Paradise hotel CounterPhone: 01878-059204.
12Coxs BazarWindow Tirez hotel CounterPhone: 01878-059205.
13Coxs BazarBus Terminal  CounterPhone: 0188-059206.
14Coxs BazarLink Road CounterPhone: 01878-059207.
15Coxs BazarRamu Baipas CounterPhone: 01872-508990.
16Coxs BazarEidgah CounterPhone: 01878-059208
17Coxs BazarKhutakhali CounterPhone: 01875-117675
18Coxs BazarChakaria bus Terminal CounterPhone: 01687-774106.
19Coxs Bazarbus stand Chakaria CounterPhone: 01878-059210.
20Coxs Bazarchakaria old bus station counterPhone: 01317-676707.

There are some other district Ena Transport Private Ltd. bus counter numbers, Addresses, and details information:
Mymensingh Intermissions Terminal Counter: Phone: 01834-898507, Phone: 01737-151184
Hotel Nurjahan Hotel Counter: Phone: 01984-999672, Phone: 01872-604490
Feni Mahipal Counter: Mobile: 01984-999673, 01872-604485, 01872-604486, 01872-695905, 01872-604487, 01872-604484, 01872-604494, 01872-604482

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