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Intercity Train Schedule And Weekly Off Day

Bangladesh is a populated Country, but transport system is small here. Besides bus, Train is a popular transport here. If you want to travel anywhere by train, you need to know the train schedule of the Bangladesh Railway. To help you, we have included here all the train schedules in Bangladesh. From the table below you will find different train schedules as well as off day, departure times, and train arrival times. All Intercity Train Schedule and Off Day are given below:

Intercity Train Schedule And weekly Off Day List

Train NameCodeOff DayFromToExit -Import
Kapotaskh express 715WednesdayKhulnaRajshahi6:30-13:10
Kapotaskh express 716WednesdayRajshahiKhulna14:00-20:50
Sundarban express725FridayKhulnaDhaka19:30-5:50
Sundarban express726SaturdayDhakaKhulna6:20-16:20
Rupsha express727ThrusdayKhulnaSaidpur7:45-17:15
Rupsha express728ThrusdaySaidpurKhulna7:45-18:00
Barendra express731SundayRajshahiChilahati15:00-22:15
Barendra express 732SundayChilahatiRajshahi5:30-12:35
Titumir express733WednesdayRajshahiChilahati6:30-13:40
Titumir express734WednesdayChilahatiRajshahi14:20-22:00
Simanta express747No off dayKhulnaSaidpur21:00-6:20
Simanta express 748No off daySaidpurKhulna19:00-4:30
Silk city express753SundayDhakaRajshahi14:40-30:05
Silk city express754SundayRajshahiDhaka7:20-13:45
Madhumati express755FridayGoalondaRajshahi15:00-20:30
Madhumati express756FridayRajshahiGoalonda7:00-12:30
Padma Express 759TuesdayDhakaRajshahi23:10-4:50
Padma Express 760TuesdayRajshahiDhaka cantt16:00-21:50
Sagardari Express 761MondayKhulnaRajshahi14:50-21:40
Sagardari Express 762MondayRajshahiKhulna6:10-13:00
Chittra Express763MondayKhulnaDhaka8:30-18:20
Chittra Express 764MondayDhakaKhulna19:00-5:10
Nilsagar 765MondayDhaka CanttChilahati8:25-18:15
Nilsagar 766SundayChilahatiDhaka Cantt21:20-7:50
Dhumketue express769TuesdayDhakaRajshahi6:00-11:50
Dhumketue express770MondayRajshahiDhaka23:20-4:50
Moitree Express 3107/3110N/ADhaka CanttKolkata8:10-18:45
Moitree Express3108/3109N/AKolkataDhaka Cant.7:10-18:05

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