Top 10 Universities In USA (United State Of America)

The United States is one of the top destinations for international students for higher education. In all academic rankings of the quality of the world’s universities, US universities are at the top. This time the list of 2000 universities has been published in the ‘Best Global Universities Ranking’. The list made in the 2022-23 edition has 90 universities in the world. The list is based on 13 criteria such as education, research, teacher-student ratio and international standards. Here are the top 10 educational institutions in the United States in that list. Below is the total list of top 10 Universities in USA-

1) Harvard University is the best institution with a score of 100. 20 percent of the university’s graduate students are foreigners.

2) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is at number 2 in the ‘Best Global Universities Ranking’. The score of this university is 97.7. Of the 11,000 students studying at MIT, 60 percent are graduate students. MIT has five schools. These are architecture and planning, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, engineering, Management and Science.

3) In 1885, Stanford University, one of the world’s leading universities, started its journey. The current score of this US university is 95.2. This university has seven schools. These are humanities and sciences; Geology; Engineering, business, law, education and medical schools.

4) University of California, Berkeley is ranked 4th among the best universities in the US. Score 88.7. More than 70 percent of students study at undergraduate level.

5) University of Washington Seattle scores 86.6. The sixth best university in the world ranks fifth in the United States. Founded in 1861, the university has about 70 percent of students studying at the undergraduate level across its campuses. The university offers 370 programs for students at the undergraduate level. (Top 10 Universities In USA)

6) Columbia University is ranked 6th in America in the ‘Best Global Universities Ranking’. This university ranks seventh in the world. The university has a score of 86.5. This private university in Manhattan, New York started teaching students in 1754. 30 percent of students are from abroad. 30 percent of the total students study in undergraduate.

7) California Institute of Technology is the seventh best university. In 1891 it started as Throop University. In 1920, the name was changed to California Institute of Technology. 55 percent of students studying in this university are graduate level. One in four foreign students study in this university.

8) Johns Hopkins University is a private university in the United States. Students started teaching in this university from 1876. The university also has campuses in Italy and China. The score is 84.7 in this university which is number 10 globally.

9) Yale University is 11th in ‘Best Global Universities Ranking’. And ninth among US universities. This university started in 1701 is one of the oldest universities in the world. 20 percent of the students of this university are foreigners.

10) University of California Los Angeles is the 14th best university in the world. 10th in the United States. The university has a score of 84.2.

Source: Hindustan Times.

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