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Lal Sobuj Bus Counter Contact Number And Address

Lal Sobuj Bus is a popular bus service in Bangladesh. This Paribahan provides service from Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Gazipur, Dhaka to Noakhali And Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. If you want to go to Noakhali, Chittagong, Or Gazipur so Lal Sobuj bus is the right choice for your best travel experience.

Head Office Contact Number: 01322887474 Email:Lalsobujparibahan1@gmail Address: 35/ Baitul Aman Masjid Market, Motijhil, Arambagh, Dhaka.

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Lal Shobuj Paribahan Bus Dhaka Counter Address And Mobile Number

SLCounter AddressContact Number
1Mirpur-10 & 1, CounterPhone: 01844545369,
2Adabar Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545373
3Jhigalta Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545374
4Nilkhet Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545375
5Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545363
6Uttara Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545364
7Airport Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545364
8Norda Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545366
9Badda Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545367
10Shahjadpur Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545360
11Mohakhali Bus Station Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545371
12Farmgate Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545372
13Maniknagar Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545376
14Golapbagh Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545377
15Sayedabad (No. 2-3-4) CounterPhone: 01844545396,
16Huzur Bari Gate Counter, Sayedabad, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545378
17Shanirakhra Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545382
18Signboard Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545383
19Chittagong Road Counter, DhakaPhone: 01844545384
20Arambagh Control OfficePhone: 01777601481, 01777601581, 01844545351, 01844545352
21Kolatoli Main RoadPhone: 01844-545305
22Cherag Ali Bazar Bus Station DhakaPhone: 01844545361
23Tongi Bazar Bus Station DhakaPhone: 01844545362

Lal Shobuj Paribahan Bus Gazipur Counter Address And Mobile Number

SLCounter AddressContact Number
1Tongi Bazar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545362
2Cherag Ali Bazar Bus Station Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01844545361

Lal Shobuj Bus Noakhali Counter Contact Number

SLCounter AddressContact Number
1Sonapur Control Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545385
2Cold Store, Sonapur Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545386
3Zero Point, Sonapur Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545387
4Sonapur Railway Station Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545388
5Dattabari Junction Counter, Sadar Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545389
6Townhall Maijdi Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545390
7Pourbhavan Maijdi Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545391
8Maijdi New Bus Terminal Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545392
9Maijdi Bazar Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545393.
10Crossroads Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545394
11Bajra Bazar Counter, Sonaimuri, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545395
12Sonaimuri Bypass Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545389
13Umbrella Payya Counter, Sonaimuri, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01844545397

Lal Shobuj Bus Online Ticket Chittagong Counter

SLCounter AddressContact Number
1Dam para counter, garibullah sah mazar gate Chattagram DistrictPhone: 01844545313
2Alangkar Mor counter, Chattagram DistrictPhone:01844545356
3AK khan mor counter, Chattagram DistrictPhone: 01844545314
4Vatiyari counter, Chattagram DistrictPhone: 01844545357
5Shita kaunda counter Chattagram DistrictPhone: 01844545358
6Cox’s Bazar [Kolatoli Main Road]Phone: 01844-545305

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