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Bashundhara City Gold Shop Address, And Mobile Number

Bashundhara City Gold Shop has lots of gold jewelry brands. This is providing the best and most luxurious gold jewelry ornaments with unique designs all over worldwide customers.

Bashundhara City Gold Shop is one of the oldest business families in Bangladesh. Bashundhara City Gold Shop always believed that the customer needs to be educated and aware, as this is the first step in preventing malpractices in business.

At Bashundhara City Gold Shop, they take great pride in offering an unparalleled retail experience that takes into consideration every customer’s unique gold needs and preferences. They’re trained servicemen who have extensive knowledge about the gold jewelry they showcase and strive to deliver excellence, consistently.

Bashundhara City Gold Shop With Shop Name, Address And, Mobile Number

SLShop NameLevel #1, Block #C, Shop #96Mobile Number
1Gold World DiamondShop-45,46,59,60, Level-5, Block-A, Bashundhara City, Panthapath, Dhaka 120501714-024921
2New Heaven JewellersLevel 5, Block B, Shop 51-53 Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Panthapath, Dhaka 121501819-500300
3Sultana JewellersShop 48,49, 59, 60 Basundhara City Shopping Mall, Level-5, Block-C, Dhaka 120501747-127779
4S.D Diamond & GoldLevel-05, Block-A, Shop#89,90, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Panthapath, Dhaka 120501708-978165
5Rupayan JewellersShop- 38, Level- 5, Bashundhara City, Block- C, Panthapath, Dhaka 120501716-171298
6Amin JewellersLevel-5, Dhaka 120501921-033766
7Alankar NiketanQ92R+96F, Dhaka 121502-9110877
8New Pearl House JewellersShop No-33/47, Level-5, Bashundhara City, Dhaka 120501791-932699
9Gems GalleryLevel 1-4, Block B, Bashundhara City 18, Garden Road, Panthapath, Dhaka 121501841-712065
10Shatarupa JewellersShop No-27, 28, 17, Level-5, Bashundhara City, Dhaka 120502-8121884
11Diamond World LtdPlot-275/D, Rangs Nasim Square, Old Rd No. 27, Dhaka 120901713-199270
12Kunjo JewellersShop-2A-28, Level-2, Jamuna Future Park, Kuril Badridhara, Dhaka 122901716-522922
13Diamond DreamLevel-04, Shop-20, Sonargaon Road Hatirpool, Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex, Dhaka 120501925-999331
14Standard JewellersShop #77, Level-5, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Block #D, Panthapath, Dhaka 120501913-041140
15Alankar NiketanQ92R+96F, Dhaka 121502-9110877
16New Sonartari JewellersLevel-05, Shop No-32, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Block-C, Panthapath, Dhaka 121501715-011226
17AarongLevel 1-4, Block B, Bashundhara City 18, garden road, Panthapath, Dhaka 121509678-444777
18Aftab JewellersBashundhara City Shopping Complex, Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhaka01711-533609
19Swarna Kanon JewellersLevel-5, Block-A, Dhaka 120501920-822460
20Fancy Jewellers2B-002A, KA-244, Jamuna Future Park, Progoti Sharani, Baridhara, Dhaka 122902-9823433

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