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Sundarban Courier Service Mymensingh Address, Mobile Number

In the modern era, courier service has become one of the most important parts of our life. The most popular courier service in Bangladesh is the Sundarban courier service. Sundarban courier service is a big platform in our country. Today we will present you the Sundarban Courier Service Mymensingh Division Address And Mobile Number.

Sundarban Courier Service Mymensingh

SLDistrictContact NumberOffice Name
 1Jamalpur01920183209Bokshigonj Thana Agency Jamalpur
Jamalpur Dist Agency
Dewangonj Thana Agency Jamalpur
 4Jamalpur0193025554Islampur Thana Agency Jamalpur
 5Jamalpur01716205462Sorisa Bari Agency Jamalpur
 6Jamalpur01751838385Madargonj Upazila
 8Jamalpur01739471048Melandah Upazila
Hobirbari, Master Bari Agency Valuka
Valuka Agency Mymensingh
Trishal Thana Agency
 12Mymensingh01710153305Goforgaon Upozila Agency Mymensingh
13 Mymensingh01717083312,
Nandail Agency
14 Mymensingh01711511436,
Isshorgonj Agency Mymensingh
15 MymensinghVACANTMuktagacha
16 Mymensingh01713503992Krishi Bisshow Biddaloy Mymensingh
17 MymensinghVACANTMymensingh Dist
 18MymensinghVACANTDhubaura Thana
 19MymensinghVACANTFulbaria Thana
 20Mymensingh01735814386Fulpur Upazila Agency
 21MymensinghVACANTKotowali Thana
22 MymensinghVACANTGouripur Thana
 23MymensinghVACANTHaluaghat Thana
24 Netrokona01713263986,
Netrokona Dist Agency
25 NetrokonaVACANTAtpara Thana
26 NetrokonaVACANTBarhatta Thana
 27NetrokonaVACANTKalmakanda Thana
 28NetrokonaVACANTKendua Thana
 29NetrokonaVACANTKhaliajhuri Thana
30 NetrokonaVACANTMadan Thana
31 NetrokonaVACANTPurbadhala Thana
32 Netrokona01740956986,
Mohongonj Upozila Agency Netrokona
33 Netrokona01711704043,
Durgapur Thana Agency Netrokona
 34Sherpur01190741278Nokla Upozila Agency Sherpur
 35SherpurVACANTSherpur Dist
36 SherpurVACANTJhenaigathi
 37Sherpur01953916603Nalitabari Upazila
 38SherpurVACANTSreebordi Thana

Sundarban Courier Service Head Office

Sundarban Courier Service Head Office

Address: 22-23, Kakrail, Shantinagar Road,

Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.

Contact Person:

Salahuddin Ahmed-Chairman & Managing Director of Sundarban Courier Service.

Salina Akther (Director)

Noor-A-Alam Rubel-Director

Mob: 01755512601, 01755512602, 01755512603, 01755512604, 01755512605
Ph: 9351467, 9332052, 9356581, 9356619

Fax No: 9334730, 9341237,8315341, 9359489

Call Center Support: 

 A call number (09612003003) is provided for complaints, queries, or any kind of information about Sundarban Courier, this is specially made for the convenience of the clients and to fulfill their needs, so that they can get the necessary answers. This call center service will be open from 7 am to 11 pm.

Social Media Support:

Sundarban Courier Service has a Facebook group named, (Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Limited) For complaints, questions, and any kind of information, please contact the number given above in Call Center Support or post in the group. Their staff will answer your questions very quickly and in simple terms.

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