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Top 20 Sylhet Tourist Spot Name, Address, And Ratings

Sylhet is one of the tourist districts of Bangladesh. Sylhet is full of breathtaking beauty. Seeing that your mind will be filled with joy. Whether you are a native or a foreigner, you must visit Sylhet to satisfy your travel needs. So why delay, go now to enjoy the beautiful environment of Sylhet. Below is the table, we highlight names, addresses, and ratings of the Tourist Spot Sylhet. Hope the information helps to ease your travel.

Name And Address Of Best Tourist Spot In Sylhet

SLPlace NameAddress
1BisnakandiBisnakandi, Sylhet, Bangladesh
2Ratargul Swamp ForestGowain River, Fatehpur Union, Gowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh
3Khadimnagar National ParkSylhet District, Sylhet Division, Bangladesh
4Shahjalal DorghaDargah Mahalla, Sylhet, Bangladesh
5Satchari National ParkHabiganj District, Sylhet Division, Bangladesh
6Pangthumai WaterfallPantumai village from West Jaflong Union under Guainghat Upazilla, Sylhet
7Hum Hum Water FallsRazkandi reserve forest in Moulvibazar District
8Ali Amjad Clock TowerKean bridge. Ali amjad clock tower. Sylhet, 3100. Bangladesh
9Adventure WorldAirport Road, Boroshala, Sylhet
10Rema-Kalenga Wildlife SanctuaryChunarughat, Habiganj district.
11Dreamland Amusement ParkDreamland Park Rd, Bangladesh, Sylhet
12Jadukata RiverSunamganj, Sylhet
13Osmany MuseumDhopa dighi, Sylhet
14Museum of RajasJallarpar Rd, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh
15Tilagor Eco Park Tilagor, 3100 Sylhet
16Hawapara Jame MosqueHawapara Rd, Sylhet City 3100, Bangladesh
17Kazir Bazar Bridge3100 Sylhet, Sylhet Division, Bangladesh
18Kushiara International Convention HallChondipul, Dakshin Surma, Sylhet
19Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar SharifDargah Gate, Sylhet
20BanThai Salon and Sap SylhetNoyasark, 3100 Sylhet, Bangladesh ; Phone Number: +8801733341911 Categories Health Spa, Beauty Salon, Barber Shop 
21Ratargul Swamp ForestGowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Rating Of Best Tourist Place In Sylhet

1) Bisnakandi
2) Ratargul Swamp Forest
3) Khadimnagar National Park
4) Shahjalal Dorgha
5) Satchari National Park
6) Pangthumai Waterfall
7) Hum Hum Water Falls
8) Ali Amjad Clock Tower
9) Adventure World
10) Rema-Kalenga Wildlife
11) Dreamland Amusement Park
12) Jadukata River
13) Osmany Museum
14) Museum of Rajas
15) Tilagor Eco Park
16) Hawapara Jame Mosque
17) Kazir Bazar Bridge
18) Tour Guide Bangladesh
20) Kushiara International
21) Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar
22) Signature
23) Musafir Travels & Tour
24) BanThai Salon and Sap
25) Tour Guide Bangladesh
26) Tourism Window Ltd
27) Ratargul Swamp Forest

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