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Rangpur Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Rangpur express train code is 772. Rangpur Express train weekly off day is This train departs from the Rangpur railway station at 8:10 PM and arrives at Dhaka railway station at 6:10 AM. We provide Rangpur express train schedule from Dhaka to Rangpur and from Rangpur to Dhaka train schedule list is given below:

Rangpur Express Train Ticket Price And Sit Category

Sit CategoryTicket Price (15% VAT)
Shovan390 BDT
Shovan Chair465 BDT
Snigdha620 BDT
AC Seat930 BDT

Rangpur Express Train Schedule From Rangpur District

RouteDeparturesArrivalsWeekly Off Day
Dhaka to Rangpur (771)9:10
Rangpur to Dhaka (772)8:10

Rangpur Express Train Ticket Price And Destination

Dhaka to RangpurShovon_Chair: 505 Tk
AC_Chair: 840Tk
AC_Seat: 1010 Tk
AC_Berth: 1510Tk

+15% VAT
Dhaka to KauniaShovon_Chair: 505 TK
AC_Chair: 840 Tk
AC_Seat: 1010 Tk
AC_Berth: 1510Tk
+15% VAT
Dhaka to KurigramShovon_Chair: 515 Tk
AC_Chair: 855Tk
AC_Seat: 955Tk
AC_Berth: 1430Tk
+ 15% VAT
Dhaka to BamandangaShovon_Chair: 465TK
AC_Chair: 775TK
AC_Seat: 930 TK
AC_Berth: 1395Tk
+ 15% VAT
Dhaka to GaibandhaShovon_Chair: 445 TK
AC_Chair: 740 TK
AC_Seat: 890 TK
AC_Berth: 1335TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to BonarparaShovon_Chair: 430 TK
AC_Chair: 715 TK
AC_Seat: 860 TK
AC_Berth: 1290TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to BograShovon_Chair: 395 TK
AC_Chair: 660 TK
AC_Seat: 790 TK
AC_Berth: 1180TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to SantaharShovon_Chair: 360 TK
AC_Chair: 600 TK
AC_Seat: 715 TK
AC_Berth: 1075TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to NatoreShovon_Chair: 320 TK
AC_Chair: 530 TK
AC_Seat: 640 TK
AC_Berth: 955 TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to ChatmoharShovon_Chair: 270 TK
AC_Chair: 450 TK
AC_Seat: 540 TK
AC_Berth: 810 TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to Bangabandhu Setu (West)Shovon _Chair: 220 TK
AC_Chair: 365 TK
AC_Seat: 270 TK
AC_Berth: 655 TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to Bangabandhu Setu (East)Shovon_Chair: 135 TK
AC_Chair: 225 TK
AC_Seat: 270 TK
AC_Berth: 405 TK
+15% VAT
Dhaka to Bimanbandar, Bimanbandar to DhakaShovon_Chair: 50 TK
AC_Chair: 100 TK
AC_Seat: 110 TK
AC_Berth: 130 TK
+15% VAT

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