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Sakura Paribahan Bus Counter Mobile Number And Ticket Price

Sakura Paribahan bus is a popular bus service provider in Dhaka to Barishal. This tranport bus is most use transport authority. Many people search about Sakura Paribahan bus counter address, mobile number, and ticket price. For helping you, we provide Sakura Paribahan bus all counter number & address in this post.

SLDivisionCounter AddressMobile Number
1DhakaTechnical More, Darussalam MirpurPhone Number: 01844-167650
2DhakaGabtali CounterPhone Number: 01712-934430 01818-181232, 02-8021184, 02-8014702
3DhakaJanapath More, SayedabadPhone Number: 01725-060033, 02-7520297
4DhakaTT para CounterPhone Number: 01718-296689
5DhakaSyedabad Counter, DhakaPhone Number: 01714-080221, 02-7520297
6DhakaSavar CounterPhone Number: 01711-519191
7BarisalBarisal CounterPhone Number: 01714-022341, 01712-618924, 0431-64771
8BarisalNatullah Badth, BarisalPhone Number: 0431-64771, 01714-022341
9BarisalPathuakhali CounterPhone Number: 01712-099552, 01718-925124
10BarisalBlizzard CounterPhone Number: 01712-073084, 0496-2544
11BarisalBorguna CounterPhone Number: 01712986024
12BarisalKuakata CounterPhone Number: 01716-068992

Sakura Paribahan Bus Ticket Prices

SLDeparture To Arrive Non-AC Ticket Price
1Dhaka to BarisalNon-AC: Tk. 400
2Dhaka to BargunaNon-AC: Tk. 450
3Dhaka to KhepuparaNon-AC: Tk. 450
4Dhaka to MothbariaNon-AC: Tk. 450

Dhaka To Barishal Time Schedule

SLStarting CounterEnd
DepartureArrival Time
1Technical CounterBARISAL TERMINAL6:45 AM12:10 PM
2Technical CounterBARGUNA7:00 AM3:35 PM
3TechnicalJHALOKATHI7:45 AM2:45 PM
5Technical CounterMATHBARIA8:15 AM3:20 PM
6Technical CounterKHEPUPARA8:45 AM5:10 PM
8Technical CounterBARISAL9:30 AM4:10 PM
9Technical CounterSWARUPKATHI9:30 AM3:00 PM
10Technical CounterPATUAKHALI9:45 AM5:30 PM
11Technical CounterBEKUTIA10:15 AM5:10 PM
12Technical CounterBARISAL TERMINAL11:15 AM4:40 PM
13Technical CounterBARISAL TERMINAL12:15 PM5:40 PM
14Technical CounterBARISAL TERMINAL1:45 PM7:10 PM
15Technical CounterBARISAL TERMINAL3:15 PM8:40 PM
16Technical CounterBARISAL4:30 PM12:00 AM
17Technical CounterJHALOKATHI4:45 PM11:45 PM
18TechnicalKUAKATA6:45 PM3:30 AM
19Technical CounterBARGUNA7:30 PM4:05 AM
21TechnicalMATHBARIA8:45 PM3:50 AM
23Technical CounterSWARUPKATHI10:00 PM3:30 AM
24TechnicalBARISAL TERMINAL10:15 PM3:40 AM
25TechnicalPATUAKHALI10:15 PM5:30 AM
26Technical CounterBARISAL10:30 PM3:40 AM
27Technical CounterBEKUTIA10:45 PM5:40 AM
28Technical CounterBARISAL11:00 PM5:40 AM
29Technical CounterKUAKATA11:00 PM7:45 AM
30Technical CounterBARISAL TERMINAL11:15 PM4:40 AM

Barishal To Dhaka Time Schedule

End CounterDeparture TimeArrival Time
1BARISAL TERMINALTechnical6:30 AM12:45 PM
2PATHORGHATATechnical Counter6:30 AM3:15 PM
3MATHBARIATechnical7:00 AM2:20 PM
4BARGUNATechnical Counter7:00 AM3:15 PM
5BARGUNATechnical Counter7:20 AM3:20 PM
6KHEPUPARA Technical7:30 AM6:45 PM
7BARISAL TERMINALTechnical7:30 AM1:45 PM
8BEKUTIATechnical8:30 AM4:00 PM
9PATUAKHALITechnical8:30 AM2:25 PM
10BARISAL TERMINALTechnical8:30 AM2:45 PM
11JHALOKATHITechnical8:30 AM1:30 PM
12SWARUPKATHITechnical9:00 AM4:45 PM
13BARISAL TERMINALTechnical9:00 AM2:35 PM
14BARISAL TERMINALTechnical2:00 PM8:15 PM
15JHALOKATHITechnical3:30 PM8:30 PM
16PATHORGHATATechnical Counter3:30 PM12:15 AM
17BARISAL TERMINALTechnical3:30 PM10:00 PM
18KUAKATATechnical7:00 PM3:55 AM
19MATHBARIATechnical 7:00 PM2:20 AM
20KHEPUPARATechnical8:00 PM7:15 AM
21BARGUNATechnical Counter8:00 PM4:15 AM
22BARGUNATechnical Counter8:20 PM4:20 AM
23BEKUTIATechnical Counter8:30 PM4:00 AM
24SWARUPKATHITechnical Counter8:30 PM4:15 AM
25PATUAKHALITechnical9:30 PM3:25 AM
26BARISAL TERMINALTechnical 10:00 PM4:15 AM
27BARISAL TERMINALTechnical10:00 PM4:25 AM

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