Ena Paribahan Ticket Counter All District Address, Number


Ena Paribahan is a big platform in Bangladesh. All over the country ena paribahan have bus counter every district. The bellowing box showing 72 counter name, district name, address, contact number and division. Ena Paribahan have lots of facility for your safe journey. They have many bus and peaceful sitting system for passenger service. You also book ena paribahan ticket on online. Bellow we also announced the Dhaka to Mymensingh, Jamalpur to Dhaka, Netrakona to Dhaka, Tangail to Dhaka, Dhaka to Sherpur ticket price, ena paribahan head office address and contact number, Dhaka booking office address and contact number.

Ena Paribahan Counter Details Box:

1Mohakhali Bus Terminal Counter, Dhaka zoneCell Phone: 01619-737650, 01869-802725, 01760-737650.DHAKA
2 Uttara Counter, BGB Market, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802728, 01760-737651DHAKA
3Airport Counter Number & Address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01760-737652, 01869-802726, 01872-604498, 01872-695911DHAKA
4Tongi Station Road Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01760-737653DHAKA
5Mirpur Counter Number & address, Dhaka 11/5 City ClubCell Phone: 01869-802731, 01878-059201DHAKA
6Fakirapul bus stand Counter number & address, DhakaCell Phone: 01869-802736, 01872-604475DHAKA
7Abdullahpur Bus Standard Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802729, 017989-11752, 01610-449903, 01872-625733DHAKA
8Fakirapul Counter Number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802736DHAKA
9 Manik Nagar Bissho Road Counter number & address, Dhaka zoneCell Phone: 01869-802737, 01872-604476, 01872-604477, 01872-695900DHAKA
10Modhy Badda Counter Number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802735, 01872-604495DHAKA
11Mirpur 10 Counter Number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01878-059201DHAKA
12Kuril Bissho Road Counter Number & Address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802733DHAKA
13Kanchakshat Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802732DHAKA
14Chittagong Road Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802739, 01872-604480DHAKA
15TT Para Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01872-604492, 01872-695899DHAKA
16Sayedabad Highway Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802738, 01872-604478DHAKA
17Shonir Akhra Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01872-604479DHAKA
18Ciora Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01872-604489DHAKA
19Mirpur-11 Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01869-802731DHAKA
20Bonoshree Counter number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01872-605910DHAKA
21Kacpur Counter Number & address, Dhaka ZoneCell Phone: 01872-695909DHAKA
22Gazipur Shiv Bari Counter Cell Phone: 01941-714714GAZIPUR
23Gazipur Chourasta CounterCell Phone: 01869-802834GAZIPUR
24Narsingdi Bhilai Nagar CounterCell Phone: 01916-278526NARSHINDI
25Olangkar CounterCell Phone: 01869-802742CHITTAGONG
26AK Khan CounterCell Phone: 01711-346177CHITTAGONG
27Dampara CounterCell Phone: 01878-059209CHITTAGONG
28Bhatiyari CounterCell Phone: 01869-802745CHITTAGONG
29Sitakunda CounterCell Phone: 01869-802746CHITTAGONG
Cell Phone: 01869-802747CHITTAGONG
31Barrier hat CounterCell Phone: 01872-625745CHITTAGONG
34Freeport CounterCell Phone: 01869-802749CHITTAGONG
35Neve Gate CounterCell Phone: 01869-802743CHITTAGONG
36BTRC CounterCell Phone: 01869-802744CHITTAGONG
37Sylhet bus terminals CounterCell Phone: 01760-079986, 01760-079987, 01619-737650SYLHET
38Sobhani Ghat CounterCell Phone: 01680-292430SYLHET
39Mazar Gate CounterCell Phone: 01611-950750SYLHET
40Goala Bazar CounterCell Phone: 01715-465433SYLHET
41Habiganj municipal bus terminal CounterCell Phone: 01722-706075, 01919-004216HABIGANJ
42Shayestaganj bus stand CounterCell Phone: 01855-919482, 01747-926743HABIGANJ
43Moulvibazar bus stand CounterCell Phone: 01768-321464MOULOVIBAZAR
44Barolekha Bus Stand Counter Cell Phone: 01815-257132MOULOVIBAZAR
45Srimangal Bus Stand CounterCell Phone: 01756-915198MOULOVIBAZAR
46Kulaura bus stand Counter Cell Phone: 01837-083500MOULOVIBAZAR
47Sunamganj Bus Stand CounterCell Phone: 01776-191418SUNAMGANJ
48Chhatak Bus Stand CounterCell Phone: 01722-230348SUNAMGANJ
49juri bus stand CounterCell Phone: 01730-858848SUNAMGANJ
50Jawa Bazar CounterCell Phone: 01776-191412SUNAMGANJ
51Gouvindaganj CounterCell Phone: 01776-191434SUNAMGANJ
52Jhautala Counter Cell Phone: 01878-059202, 01721-282533COX’S
53Long Beach CounterCell Phone: 01878-059203COX’S
54Sea Alif hotel CounterCell Phone: 01621-499522COX’S
55Ocean Paradise hotel CounterCell Phone: 01878-059204COX’S
56Window Tirez hotel CounterCell Phone: 01878-059205COX’S
57Bus Terminal CounterCell Phone: 0188-059206COX’S
58Link Road Counter Cell Phone: 01878-059207COX’S
59Ramu CounterCell Phone: 01872-508990COX’S
60Eidgah CounterCell Phone: 01878-059208COX’S
61Khutakhali Counter numberCell Phone: 01875-1176COX’S
62Chakaria bus Terminal CounterCell Phone: 01687-774106COX’S
63Chakaria bus stand CounterCell Phone: 01878-059210COX’S
64Mymensingh Intermissions Terminal CounterCell Phone: 01834-898507MYMENSINGH
65Sherpur bus stand Counter numberCell Phone: 01737-151184SHERPUR
66Hotel Nurjahan hotel CounterCell Phone: 01984-999672CAMILLA
67Coudda gram Counter Cell Phone: 01872-604490CAMILLA
68Feni Mahipal CounterCell Phone: 01984-999673, 01872-604485, 01872-604486, 01872-695905, 01872-604487FENI
69Chagolnaiya Counter Cell Phone: 01872-604483, 01872-695906FENI
70Feni Sodor Hospital Moor counterCell Phone: 01872-604484FENI
71Mohammad Ali counterCell Phone: 01872-604494FENI
72Nirman Super Market counterCell Phone: 01872-604482FENI

Dhaka Booking office:

  • Ena Paribahan:-
  • Mohakhali: Ena Transport Pvt Ltd:
  • Mohakhali Inter-District Bus Terminal, Dhaka
  • Mobile: 01869-802727, 01869-802740

Ticket price:

  • Ena Paribahan:-
  • Dhaka to Mymensingh: Tk.180. Time: 5:30 am and 5:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Netrokona: Tk.220. Time: 6:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • Dhaka to Jamalpur: Tk.300. Time: 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Sherpur: Tk.250. Time: 7:30 am and 7:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Tangail: Tk.220. Time: 8:00 am and 8:00 pm


  • Ena Paribahan:-
  • House# 23, Road # 8, Block No-A, Mirpur-12, Dhaka.
  • Mobile: 01924-764571, 01716-131481

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