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Dhaka Express Online Ticket Counter Number And Location

Dhaka Express bus is a popular bus service in Bangladesh. Today we gonna discuss Dhaka Express Online Ticket Counter Number And Location. This Paribahan provides service all over the country from Dhaka to Noakhali, Dhaka to Laxmipur, Laxmipur to Dhaka, and Noakhali to Dhaka city. So, the Dhaka Express bus is the right choice for your safe journey.

Dhaka Express Online Ticket Counter Number Dhaka Branch

SLAddressMobile Number
1Saidabad Bus Station Counter, Head Office, Dhaka District CityPhone:
02-7553160, 01970180607
2Manik Nagar Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone:
02-7545838, 01970180606
3Fakirapul Bus Stand Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone:
02-7193725, 01683564838
4Mohakhali Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01819968916, 01915555780
5Jhigatala Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01912226923, 01823210626
6Adabar Counter, Shyamoli, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01817514263, 01911474337
7Mirpur-1 Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone:
02-8058315, 01911-471347
8Mirpur-10 Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01712082607
9Kachukhet Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01740616433
10Nilkhet Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01747184934
11Tongi Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01970180601
12Uttara Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01970180602
13Airport Counter, Dhaka DistrictPhone: 01970180603
14Norda Counter, Dhaka District CityPhone: 01970180604
15Badda Counter, Dhaka jela CityPhone: 01970180605

Laxmipur District Counter

SLAddressMobile Number
1Raipur Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur DistrictPhone:
03-82256240, 01686896060, 01919591982
2Mandari Bazar Bus Stand Counter, Laxmipur District SadarPhone: 01729044993, 01819935587
3Dalal Bazar Bus Stand Counter, Laxmipur DistrictPhone: 01926959518, 01718111279
4Battali Office Counter, Laxmipur DistrictPhone: 01717741075, 01715609127
5Joxin Bazar Counter, Laxmipur Sadar DistrictPhone: 01721731269
6Laxmipur Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District CityPhone:
03- 8162508 Morning
Afternoon 01928336239, 01846218315
7Chandraganj Bus Station Counter, Laxmipur District, West Bazar (North Side of Road)Phone: 01716228808, 01716567811
8Maju Chowdhury Hat Counter, Laxmipur DistrictPhone: 01718732709, 01715979357
9Hajir Para Counter, Laxmipur DistrictPhone: 01713635092

Noakhali District Counter

SLAddressMobile Number
1Chaumuhani Counter, Chaurastar Junction, Noakhali District CityPhone: 01961872440, 01819510631
2Bajra Bazar Bus Station Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01828155858
3Sonaimuri Bus Station Counter, Noakhali DistrictPhone: 01713600175

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