Dhaka To Sylhet Air Ticket Price And Schedule

People love to travel and if that journey is in the sky, then there is no limit to happiness. It is rare to find a person who lives in Bangladesh and does not want to go to the beautiful Sylhet. So, today we are here to make your journey easier by telling you about Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price & Flight Schedules.

Here you will find information on how to fly from Dhaka to Sylhet by air, which airport will be better for you, type of ticket price, close day, what time it takes to reach the destination, etc. in the tables below.

All Airlines Ticket Price And Schedule:

NovoAir 95112:00 PM12:45 PM45m
Biman 60112:45 PM1:25 PM40m
US-B-Air 1311:00 PM1:40 PM40m
Biman 6012:15 PM2:55 PM40m
Biman 6033:45 PM4:25 PM40m
Biman 6034:30 PM5:10 PM40m
Biman 4056:00 PM6:50 PM50m
Biman 6056:30 PM7:10 PM40m

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket prices of Biman Bangladesh Airlines:

Ticket NamePrice
Super Saver2,500 BDT
Economy Saver4,000 BDT
Economy Flexible5,000 BDT
Business Saver5,700 BDT
Business Flexible6,100 BDT

US Bangla Airlines Ticket Price:

Ticket NamePrice
Promotional Economy3,200 BDT
Discount Economy3,700 BDT
Restricted Economy5,000 BDT
Regular Economy6,200 BDT

Novo Air Airlines Ticket Price:

Ticket NamePrice
Special Promo2,700 BDT
Promo3,200 BDT
Special4,100 BDT
Discount4,700 BDT
Saver5,500 BDT
Flexible6,600 BDT

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price
Sylhet to Dhaka flight
Dhaka to Sylhet flight

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